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Astrodynamics, Space ScIence, and Space Technology (ASSIST) Laboratory
Piyush M. Mehta, Assistant Professor


Undergraduate Researchers

  • Virginia G Clark
  • Tyler Forquer
  • Annette Straziuzo
  • Leah Itani

Past Researchers and Students

  • Dr. Smirti Nandan Paul, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Director – Dynamics,Control, and Computer Vision for Space Sustainability and Missions (DCV-Space) group
  • Dr. Richard J Licata, Data Scientist, CACI International Inc
    Littleton, Colorado, United States
  • Nick Sia,Graduated with a master’s degree in aerospace engineering in 2021
    Guidance, Navigation Control Engineer / Systems Engineer @ Raytheon | PhD Student @ The University of Arizona
  • Logan Sheridan, Graduated with a Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering in 2021
    Avionics System Engineer at Jovian Software Consulting LLC